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Art Model - 3D pose tool for iphone ipad android mac osx

3D pose tool / Morphing tool

Pose and morph two models simultaneously in the scene! Art Model is fastest pose and morph creation tool for artists on the market. No more painstaking joint rotation. Just drag a target limb with your finger/mouse to the desired position.
App comes with realistic male and female models and you can change the model to different gender on the fly.

Art Model is also a powerful morph tool. App's morphing system gives you the ability to create an unlimited range of unique models. With app's morphing capabilities, you can get that exact model you want. You can transform your model from child to an adult, skinny to muscular or make it fat or pregnant etc. Besides full body morphs, you can also create individual morphs for specific body parts like chest / breast, arms, legs...

-Pose one or two models in same scene.
-Realistic male and female models.
-Fast pose creation: Drag limbs to desired position.
-Morph system allows you to create unique models.
-Full body morphs and individual morphs for specific body parts.
-Freely rotate the lights: Create dramatic scenes with shadows.
-Save and load poses and morphs.
-Save poses and morphs as image files to your gallery.
-Zoom camera in/out and pan it freely around the character.

Ideal software for character designing, as human drawing guide, picture artists, manga artists and for illustrations or storyboarding.

Check out our new app, Face Model, for human head posing and morphing. Read more

Art Model - 3D pose tool is available for iPhone, iPad, Android & Mac

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Screenshots and preview video

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Art Model - Preview video



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