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Manus - human hand reference 3D pose tool for iphone ipad android

Manus - Hand pose tool

Need a hand (pun intended) on drawing human hand? This nifty little app is friend of anyone who struggles with drawing hands. With this handy tool you can make unlimited number of hand poses in just seconds. It is a must have hand reference tool for any artist’s. With Manus app you can rotate, bend and set distance of every finger to get that pose you are looking for. With flexible camera controls you can pan and rotate hand model freely to examine pose from any angle. App has male and female hand models and variety of pre-made hand poses to get started with. Hand pose tool is available for Android and iPhone / iPad

* 3D Male and female hands
* Left and right hand
* Pre-made poses
* Freely rotate lights
* Save and load hand poses
* Save poses as image files to gallery
* Pan and rotate camera

Enjoy and become master of drawing human hands.

Zoom camera in/out - Pinch gesture
Rotate camera - Two finger drag
Pan camera - Three finger drag

Supported screen size: 4.7" and larger. Tablet preferred.

App Store linkFace Model - 3d pose tool Google Play download link

Screenshots and preview video

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Image 1
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