Horse Poser

Create horse pose references easily with Horse Poser 3D pose tool.

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android

Create horse poses with Horse Poser app.

Horse Poser is easy to use horse pose tool for artist, just select target joint and then pose the horse as you like. Horse Poser is an ideal poser app for character designing, as horse drawing guide, for illustrations or storyboarding, or anyone who wants to focus on improving their drawing skills.
And if you are a Schleich photographer you may find this app a useful tool for planning your photos.

Pose 3D horse models

It is not easy to find reference photo of pose that is just right for your needs. But now you can create your own horse pose reference!

Optional rider characters

App comes with three optional riders (girl, cowboy, knight).

3D props

App comes with wide variety of 3D objects that you can add to your scenes.

Background images

Import background images to really bring your scene to alive! Just choose your image from your device photo gallery and your are good to go.

Customize horse

Change horse and mane colors. Removable saddle and reins.

Share your work

Save your poses and share image to others.

Preview video

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